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Applying for the Job
My name is ***,I am a boy of *** years old,graduating from *** Universtity and majoring in computer software.I studied hard and got good marks at school.I am an out-going and hard-working boy with good qualities and responsibility.I have a good relationship with others.
Besides,I had worked in *** company and have some experience.Now I know from the newspaper that your company is looking for some young boys to work on the computer software.I think I am the one.So I would like to apply for the position.I hope you can give me the chance.Thank you.
Looking forward to your reply,and my telephone number is ***.


英语求职信范文 简略 初一7年水平【求职信范文英语】

Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Liu Ying and I will graduate from Xi’an University in the year of 2010.My major is secretary in English department.
It’s my great pleasure to have this opportunity to improve our mutual understanding.During the three –year college study,I tried my best to learn all kinds of knowledge,and weigh the hard work of my teachers and myself; I have mastered English listening,speaking,writing and reading skills.
Moreover,I have a good command of Business English and the basic theory,public relationship of secretary.Meanwhile,in order to enlarge my knowledge,I always read some newspapers and magazines about business and trade,and I used to do some representative of business in my spare time.At the same time,I learnt computer skills during my summer vacation,and now I’m familiar with Office 2000.It is my three –year college life that makes me form my life attitude.Also my three-year college life that makes me rich in knowledge,and it’s also my three-year college life that makes me form my life attitude.Honesty,Trust,Diligence is principle of how to be a man.
As a college graduate,I believe “where there is a will,there is a way”,and I will try my best to do a good job in my business.So I sincerely hope that I can make a position in your company so that I can serve for the company in the future.
Yours faithfully,
Liu Ying



Dear sir ,
I am very happy to introduce myself here.My name is XX ,from XX,and I am XX years old.
At college,XX was my major.To choose this major ,there were many reasons here .Not only I have strong responsibility of my job ,but also I can bear lots of pressure.
I am interested in XX ,I have no experienceI will try my best to work hard nomatter how hard it is .Generally speaking,I am a diligent people especially do the thing which I am interested in .I am glad I can take part in this interview and I sincerely hope that I can join this company to realise my dream,please give me a chance,thank you !
Looking forward to talking with you face to face further .


Technician wanted,skillful in repairing machines,troubleshot for workmanship.working experience:yes,at least 4-5 years.English skill:lf you can read this job advertisement without problem.lf you are interested in this job,please contact us on:0531-7766888



某外企刊登在english coaching paper 的招聘广告!wanted office secretary ,with experience .in book keeping :type - writing public .relation .operating a pc 根据以上写一封求职信!120词左右!dear sir / madame ,00 i have read the advertisement .published in english coaching paper and i wish to apple for the job as i believe i have the necessary kill ........




鈥淣ursing has broadened my horizons鈥?t"s caused me to focus outside myself and my own little world鈥?like being in a profession that helps people.And I find the body of knowledge I"ve gained is helpful in everyday situations.Plus,nursing gives you lots of varied opportunities for a career鈥?ou can change from one realm of nursing to another鈥?nd the flexibility of the schedules offered is a definite plus for those of us trying to balance family life with work.鈥滭br/>As the nurse quoted above states,there are many reasons to consider becoming a professional nurse.In addition to the career advantages and personal satisfactions,the demand for registered nurses in the U.S.health care market has never been higher.Today people ranging in age from their 20s to their 50s are changing careers and moving to nursing.They"re finding that when they"ve already trained and worked in another field,they can leverage their knowledge and training in a new career that offers them challenge,stability,and fulfillment.
One profession,lots of possibilities
As a professional nurse,you can use your knowledge and experience in so many different ways.You could organize a disaster relief effort鈥?anage a hospital鈥?ducate the community鈥?eliver babies鈥?hape public policy鈥?r make new discoveries doing critical research.Each day is anything but routine鈥攏urses must always be ready to think on their feet.
Check out some of the specialties and career paths available for nurses today.
You"ll find the question should be less about 鈥淲hy be a nurse?鈥 and more about 鈥淲hat kind of nurse do you want to be?鈥滭br/>
Consider all the benefits of professional nursing
Personal satisfaction and growth.As a nurse,you"re making a real difference in people"s lives every day.No two days are the same,and nursing provides you with knowledge and experience you can use for yourself,your family,and your community,in addition to your patients.
Career mobility.Once you become a registered nurse (RN),you can take your career in other directions,too.You could work on the front lines in trauma care or in the justice system as a legal nurse consultant.You can work as a teacher,a writer,or as a researcher鈥?nteract with children or the elderly鈥?ork directly with patients or direct a health care agency.The opportunities are virtually unlimited鈥攅specially for nurses who continue to learn and educate themselves in their fields of interest.
Job security.Because there"s a shortage of nurses nationwide,you can find career options no matter where you want to live in the U.S.If you"re married and your spouse is transferred for work,you won"t have to worry about finding nursing work in your new community.
Scheduling flexibility.More than half of the nation"s professional nurses work full time.You could work the day,evening,or night shift.Nurses can work three 12-hour shifts and have four days a week off!Some professionals are part-time or per-diem nurses.Many nurses like the fact that they can combine a real career with the demands of raising a family.
The best of both worlds鈥攁 profession that offers both collaboration and independence.Yes,nurses often work in teams.But they also have a great deal of autonomy.With advanced education,many nurses enjoy a great deal of independence as managers,educators,researchers,nurse practitioners,clinical nurse specialists,and more.
Nursing is a great second-career choice.In fact,nursing has become one of the most popular choices as a second career,in part due to salary levels.Nursing allows single parents to support their families on one income,and for two-income families,nursing provides an additional and flexible financial resource.And as people are laid off in other industries or decide to find more personal satisfaction in their work,nursing offers the chance to fill that need and help them make a real difference every day.The University of Rochester School of Nursing has a program specifically designed for students who already have at least a bachelor"s degree in another field and want to become registered nurses.It"s called the Accelerated Bachelor"s and Master"s Programs for Non-Nurses (APNN),and it provides the education you need to enter a wide range of generalist nursing roles in just one year.There is even a three-year option for those who wish to become nurse practitioners.Find out more.
Competitive salaries.More job opportunities for nurses translate into higher salary and competitive benefits for you as a future nurse.According to the U.S.government"s Occupational Outlook Handbook,earnings for registered nurses are above the national average.The median annual salary for registered nurses was $48,090 in 2002.The median annual salary for nurse practitioners is well into $60,000 nationally.Advanced practice nurses (APNs) can expect annual salaries of $60,000-$90,000,depending on their geographic location and previous experience,according to the Nursing Programs 2005 10th Edition.
What other profession offers you as much mobility,challenge,personal satisfaction,and job security?Once you become a registered nurse,the opportunities are virtually unlimited.【求职信范文英语】



说明应聘职位-Stating Your Job Objective
1、A responsible administrative position which will provide challenge and freedom where I can bring my initiative and creativity into full play.负责管理的职位,该职位将提供挑战和自由,使我能充分发挥我的进取精神及创造能力.2、An executive assistant position utilizing interests,training and experience in office administration.行政助理的职位,能运用办公室管理方面的兴趣,训练与经验.3、A position in management training programs with the eventual goal of participating in the management rank of marketing.管理培训计划方面的职位.最终目标在参与市场管理层.4、An entry-level position in sales.Eventual goal; manager of marketing department.销售方面的初级职位.最终目标:销售部门的经理.5、A position requiring analytical skills in the financial or investment field.财务或投资领域需运用分析技巧的职务.6、To begin as an accounting trainee and eventually become a manager.从当会计见习开始,最后成为经理.7、An entry-level position in an accounting environment,which ultimately leads to financial management.会计部门的初级职务,最后能够管理财务.8、A position as data-processing manager that will enable me to use my knowledge of computer systems.资料处理经理的职务,能保证我运用电脑系统的知识.9、An entry-level position responsible for computer programming.负责计算机程序设计的初级职务.10、Administrative assistant to an executive where short-hand and typing skills will be assets.
高级管理人员的行政助理,将用上速记和打字技能.11、A position which will utilize my educational background in biology,with prospects of promotion.谋求能运用我在生物学方面的学识,并有晋升前途的职位.12、A position in charge of management training programs.
负责管理培训项目的职位13、Responsible managerial position in human resources.
人力资源方面负责管理的职务.14、A position in Foreign Trade Department,with opportunities for advancement to management position in the department.外贸部门的职位,有机会晋升到该部门的经理职务.15、An administrative secretarial position where communication skills and a pleasant attitude toward people will be assets.行政秘书的职务,用得上交际技巧和与人为善的态度.16、A position as a design engineer in an engineering department.工程部门设计工程师的职位.17、Looking for a position as a computer programmer with a medium-sized firm.谋求一家中型公司的计算机程序员职位.18、To serve as sales promoter in a multinational corporation with a view to promotion in position and assignment in parent company"s branch abroad.担任多国公司的推销员,期望在职位上有晋升并能分派到母公司的海外分公司去工作.
读了《》的人还读了:1、实用英语:研究生求跨国公司职位求职信 2、应聘英语翻译职位的英文求职信 3、求职英语:英文简历中常见的英文职位名称 4、英语翻译职位的英文求职信 5、餐饮行业运营管理职位英语求职信 6、求职英语:计算机行业求职简历中英文职位对照 7、求职英语:应聘英语翻译职位的英文求职信 8、英语求职信的职位问题 9、英语教师职位求职信范文 10、职位英语对照表


假如你想应聘一份记者的工作,请用英语写一封求职信 60词左右 初中水平

Dear Mr...
My name is Li Ming and I"m a student.I want to be a reporter in the television station.
I"m good at writing,and when I was still a little child,I told myself that I would be a reporter when I grow up.If I become a reporter, I can meet all kinds of interesting things and write them down.I think it"s great!Also, I will have many chances to see some important people.It"s very pleasure,isn"t it?
I hope I can be a reporter in the television station.You can call me on 123456.
Li Ming


写英文自荐信标题用写Self Recommendation Letter在顶端的吗

另:国外习惯上没人说Self Recommendation Letter.那叫cover letter.而且cover letter是这类信的统称.你可以把信命名为cover letter of xxx,但没人会递交申请的时候说"this is my cover letter".如果是纸张申请,就把cover letter内容打印出来放在简历前面作封面(所以叫做cover letter).如果是电子邮件申请,cover letter的内容就是你的邮件内容.简历作为邮件附件发送.不要加上cover letter 或 Self Recommendation Letter之类的东西做标题.只需要其内容.



Dear Chairperson,
I am a boy student from Class1 Grade 9. I’d like to join the Helping Hands Club. My name is Wang Lin.
I am healthy. I work hard at my lessons. I like helping others. I get on well with my classmates. If I join the club, I will be able to make more friends. And I can also do more for others and often help them with their lessons. On my way home, I often help old people cross the road. On the bus, I always give my seats to women with babies. Sometimes, I help to clean up the park.
I’ll be glad if I can join the club. I hope you will agree with me.

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