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题目:Should the Uiversity Campus Be Open to tourism?
正文:Nowadays,many famous university campuses have become one of the populartourist attraction.It has been shown on TV and on the radio that every yearthousands and thousands of middle school students visit Tsing Hua Universityand Peking University and other famous universities in China.In the place faraway from the capital city,the local students also visit the universities famousin their own province.so far as the present situation is concerned,is it agood or bad thing to open the university campus for tourists?Different peoplehave different opinions.On one hand,some people argued that it is a good thingfor the students to visit the famous university campus in that it can enablethe middle students to get more information about the university and they canhave enough time and opportuinty to prepare themselves with the chance to getinto the university.On the other hand,some people hold a negative view aboutthis phenomenon.In their opinion,the public tourism will have negative effecton the universities because it will not only do harm to the environment butalso to the intellectual atmosphere.
In my opinion,the tourism to the universities is not a good thing.The campusis mainly a place for study .With the increasing tourism on the campus,it willruin the spiritual atmosphere in this learing field.



The impact of the Internet on learning
Explain why education doesn’t simply mean learning to obtain information
In the age of knowledge explosion,the Internet opens a magical portal for leaners to get access to seemingly incessant information.But is information equal to knowledge?“Once I learn how to use google,isn"t that all the education I really need?” This question fully embodies the prejudiced opinion that as long as people acquire abundant information,they will get proper education.
The reason why education doesn’t simply mean learning to obtain information is that education is not limited to the hard facts or theories students can learn from their textbooks or the Internet.It relates to a wider scope ranging from the obtainment of practical skills to the development of characters,which are hard for students to learn simply by googling.Consequently,comprehensive learning in schools that includes learning knowledge,conducting experiments and communicating with peers is what true education is.
In a word,the Internet does provide valuable information for learners,but people should be fully conscious of the essence of education and learn to tell the right from the w



My first Job
Before I started at university,I took my first job as a waitress in a nice restaurant.At the night before my first day.I was too excited to go to sleep and as a result,I got up late in the morning.I threw on my clothes and rushed over to the restaurant.
In a great hurry,I didn"t hear clearly the head waiter"s instruction that we should go into the kitchen through one door and out from the other.So when I took two plates of eggs and bacon and an orange juice out to the restaurant,I went straight towards the wrong door and collided with another waiter coming in!
Worst of all was that I wore a pair of smart shoes but with high heels! A few hours later I was in agony yet had no time to change them. By the time we finished serving dinner at about 10:30 I was completely exhausted. Nevertheless, I learnt something through my experience


四级作文 what do you think of your teacher

Dear Mary ,
thank you for telling of about your chinese teacher ,
I think he has a great sense of humour .
Now let me telling you some thing about my english teacher Miss Li.
My english teacher is 28 years old.
She has wonderful appearance,a tall,slim stature, Dynamic.
Favorite color:Blue, Hobbies.
Loving of Reading,Tourism.
Personality traits:Enthusiastic patience.
Achievements: Got a first prize in the mathematical race last year.
How do you think about my english teacher?
My English teather is Mr Xu, his English name is Martin. His English is very good. And he always wears a pair of glasses. He likes wearing blue trousers. My teacher is handsome. He often plays with us after class. He often reads books and English. His hobby is reading books. Mr Xu likes drinking Coke and eating chips. Sometimes he is angry, because we are naughty. Sometimes he is happy, because we are good.
Mr. Xu is very good and handsome. We all like him.
My English teacher
We have a special English teacher called Blues who comes from Ameica.He is tall and thin ,and he always wears glasses.He is strict with our study and works hard.My English teacher has an diffrent way to teach us English.He likes to encourage us to ask quenstions and try our best to find the answer.He help us to learn by ourselves,we all like him.
All of us consider him as the best English teacher.



——百度知道 举手之劳团队 队长:晓斌11蓝猫







预测作文:Poster Calling For Cloth Bag Design
Directions,for this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a poster calling foe the design of enviroment-friendly cloth bag.You should wtite at least 120 words following the outline given below:
1为了响应国家限用塑料袋的规定,学院环保协会征集环保布袋的设计方案 2 欢迎踊跃投稿,截止日期为5月31日
Poster Calling For Cloth Bag Design
In recent years,our government has taken a variety of measures to promote the use of enviroment-friendly cloth bag instead of plastic bag,To respond the government"s appeal,the Enviroment Ptotection Association of our department wants your brilliant ideas on the design of cloth bag.
You can subnit your design electronically or in person.If your design is tenific,and you submit is before May,31st,you may receive a certificate certifying your outstanding ability to design from ue plus a bouns of 500RMB.
For more information,please contact us on the number 12345678 from 8.00am.to 7.00pm.during the weekdays.Alternativel you can e-mail us by clothbagdesignyahoo@.cn.
Your participation will be appreciated!Thank you for you attention.


以online shopping为题写篇四级短文,范文已给出,谢绝复制粘贴
Directions:For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the topic of Online Shopping.You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below:
Online Shopping
Nowadays,with the rapid development of information technology,online shopping has gained great popularity among more and more web users.For example,it is fashionable for youngsters to purchase daily essentials,such as books,clothes,electrical equipment,on some famous website,like Taobao,EBay and Alibaba.
Undoubtedly speaking,online shopping has many advantages.Firstly,compared with traditional shopping,it’s very convenient.What you need to do is just clicking your mouse and waiting instead of going out by foot or driving.Secondly,more choices than real store are another attraction to customers.However,in spite of convenience and more choices of online shopping,we cannot turn a blind eye to its disadvantages.Obviously,quality problem is its first disadvantage.It’s common that articles aren’t so good just as they are described online that customers always buy fake commodities.In addition,it’s troublesome and annoying for many customers to make a change when they are not satisfied with what they bought online.
As a college student,I like online shopping but I expected that effective measures should be taken to make it better.Specifically speaking,government should work out strict regulations and rules to prevent unfaithful and unlawful activities of online shop owners.Only by this way can online shopping become really safe and attract an increasing number of customers.

Online Shopping
Today, with the rapid development in electronic commerce, business are attempting to gain great popularity by using online shopping to interact with customers. According to Jack Ma, founder and CEO of Alibaba Group, Alibaba.com serves more than 70 million members from more than 250 countries and territories.
In fact, both online shopping and traditional shopping have some advantages and disadvantages. To begin with, online shopping is very convenient for shopping and allows for a vast selection of goods to be at your fingertips. You don"t have to worry about the crowds in the mall, finding for a parking spot, and stuck in a traffic jam. Besides, with the online tools that enable goods comparison, you can compare prices and qualities to make a better decision with less effort. However, though online shopping is 24/7 available, a recent study has found that privacy was still the top concern of people while security ranked bottom. Furthermore, people are worried that the goods won"t be what they have expected by viewing online. It would be inconvenient if the size or colour didn"t fit, the consumers had to return it. Some goods are not returnable. Some are used or damaged when they are shipped.
In conclusion, although there are advantages of online shopping, there also some negative concern of online shopping. Sellers need to make improvements of the online shops with consideration on consumers perspective. By doing so, online shopping will gain popularity among people and will become widely to benefit sellers, buyers, and society.






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