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My hometown is Nanchong. The area of the city is about twelve thousand k㎡ and it has a population of about seven hundred milliom. It is an old city with a history of 2000 years and it is famouse for the silk. It is not too morden, but is developing quickly recently, especilly the tourism. Because there are many kinds of plants and animals and also many old buildings of the famous people. So more and more visitors come to Nanchong now. I love my hometown and I hope it will be better and better. 我的家乡是南充,面积大约12万平方米,人口700万.这是一个有两千年历史的古老城市,因丝绸而著名.虽不是很繁华,但发展很快,尤其是旅游业,这里动植物种类丰富,还有许多名人故居,有越来越多的游客到这里来.我爱我的家乡,希望它越来越好.



I am planning to spend my summer holiday on sports this year.Playing basketball is always my favourite,so some of my classmates and I will form a small team and play basketball together.Sometimes we may have a match against some other teams and I do enjoy the sense when we win the game.
Today I found time was a cruel thing.Whatever man is,time always goes on.It won’t stay to wait for somebody.You can’t use anything to exchange time.Time is also a fair thing.Although you have a lot of money or you enjoy high reputation,time won’t leave them more.Today I found I hadn’t enough time.Although I have more than a-month holiday,but I found I had a lot of things to do.I had a lot of homework to do and I am essential to complete the homework as soon as I have time.



1.In the morning,it is very fine!Then I climb the mountain with family,the air on the mountain is very fresh,the flowers plants and trees on the mountain all seem extremely beautiful.In the afternoon,I go to friend"s home to play,the friend entertains me warmly,show me a lot of books of his ,has listened to his CD for me ,then also ask me to eat a sumptuous dinner.Coming back home in the evening,family and I sat and watched TV together,we are returning and eating the fruit while chatting,the whole family is happy and harmonious!早上,天气晴朗.我们全家去登山,山上的空气新鲜,满山的花草树木相当美丽.下午,我到朋友家玩,他热情的接待了我,给我看了他的许多书,听了他的光碟,最后邀请我共进了晚餐.晚上回到家,全家一起看电视,我们边吃水果,一遍闲聊.全家快乐,和睦!



1.In the morning,it is very fine!Then I climb the mountain with family,the air on the mountain is very fresh,the flowers plants and trees on the mountain all seem extremely beautiful.In the afternoon,...



1.《 My Spring Festival 》
The Spring Festival is the most important festival for the Chinese people and is a day when Chinese people get together for sharing happiness.
The Spring Festival falls on the 1st day of the 1st lunar month,often one month later than the Gregorian calendar.At Spring Festival Eve,all the family members eat dinner together.After the dinner,the whole family will sit together,chatting and watching TV.In the past,we often just watch the Spring Festival party broadcasted on China Central Television Station (CCTV).But nowadays ,less and less people watch it but play cards or mahjong.
Burning fireworks was once the most typical custom on the Spring Festival.People thought the spluttering sound could help drive away evil spirits.However,such an activity was completely or partially forbidden in big cities once the government took security,noise and pollution factors into consideration.
2.《 My Spring Festival 》
I went to QingDao,my hometown,for my winter holiday,and spent my Spring Festival there.It was really a nosy festival.
In ji’nan,we have not been allowed to set off fireworks for many years.But in Yantai,as it was the first Spring Festival of the 21st century,people were allowed to do it this time.
Many small shops began to sell fireworks and I felt as if I were back in my childhood when we were free to enjoy ourselves by setting off fireworks.A great many children bought many fireworks and the sellers must have made a lot of money.
Naughty children were so excited that they couldn’t help setting them off even before the festival ahd arrived.I was also eager to see what would happen on Spring Festival Eve.
Soon it came and loud sounds of explosions could be heard
3.《 My Spring Festival 》
Far and away the most important holiday in China is Spring Festival,also known as the Chinese New Year.To the Chinese people it is as important as Christmas to people in the West.The dates for this annual celebration are determined by the lunar calendar rather than the Gregorian calendar,so the timing of the holiday varies from late January to early February.
4.《 My favourite book 》
Do you know Harry Potter?It’s one of my favourite sparetime readings and it’s written by J.K.Rowling.She had the idea about Harry Potter when she was on train,“Harry just walked into my head.” She said later.She started writing the first edition of Harry Potter the next day.
Harry Potter is a magical school student who wears glasses and has no parents,now he is 16 years old.He is very brave and known by everyone because he is the only person who will not die by devil.At school,he has two good friends,they are Rone and Henry.
When read the book my first time,I feel very exciting and interesting.So I read it again and again,each time I have different feelings,sometimes I even feel as if I’m one of Potter’s partners.Now there are five edition of Harry Potter published and they are very popular with young students.Books about Harry Potter have sold millions of copies all over the world.Do you like Harry Potter?If you haven’t read the book yet,read it now and you’ll find a wonderful world.
To the ordinary Chinese,the festival actually begins on the eve of the lunar New Year"s Day and ends on the fifth day of the first month of the lunar calendar.But the 15th of the first month,which normally is called the Lantern Festival,means the official end of the Spring Festival in many parts of the country.
《 My favourite book 》
I enjoy reading different kinds of books,but "Harry Porter" is my favorite one.The story is very long but I am interested in it.Harry was such a brave and clever boy that he dared to fight against powerful enemies.His Z-shaped scar and magic stick brought me into a magical world.In fact,the fiction story is so meaningful that I can learn a lot from it.I think it"s the best book I"ve ever read.
(我喜欢阅读各式各样的书籍,但是哈里波特是我最喜爱的一本.这本书的故事很长但是我很有兴趣.哈利是一个如此勇敢和聪明的孩子,他敢于对抗那些强大的敌人.他的Z字形状的伤疤和魔杖带领我进入了一个不可思议的世界.事实上,这本小说的意义是很深远的使我能从中学习到很多.我想这是我阅读过的最好的书了 )



My good friends and I
I have many good friends ,but I Iike Grace best.Her home is next to my home.She is tall,and I am tall,too.She goes to school with me every day.We are in the same class.We both like our teachers.I am good at English.She does well in math.We help each other at school.Sometimes we go shopping on weekends.I like her and she likes me.



Last Sunday, my parents went out for some business. Usually my parents do the house choirs, such as fixing the bed, sweeping the floor, cooking, and doing laundry. But on that day, I had to do all by myself. On that day, my grandmother came to see me, so I went out with her for a walk. We first went to a park nearby, then we went downtown shopping. My grandmother bought a lot of furniture for her retirement home in the south, and I helped her load them onto a truck. It was a busy day, and I was very tired. But I was very happy.







7月20日 晴 我爱疯狂英语
这几天来,我迷上了英语,第一天是妈妈要我学的,后面几天都是我提醒的,妈妈才去学.我们学了有关肢体类、打招呼、文具类的内容,结果也闹出了很多笑话,比如我把一个单词的中文读成了“云梯”,还有一次,我把早上好的英语读成了晚上好和上学去的英语,不过在笑声中,这些词被我刻骨铭心地记住了.我们在家里窜上跳下,在床上翻来滚去,学得不亦乐乎,妈妈说我很像Crazy Baby,还说我有学英语的天赋呢!我相信只要能坚持下去,在英语的丛林里披荆斩棘,我就一定能学好英语.希望三年级早点到来!
7月21日 晴 第一次煎鸡蛋 今天,我在妈妈的协助下学会了煎鸡蛋.第一步:把油烧成七成热,再磕一个鸡蛋放入锅内,再捏一点盐均匀地洒在蛋上;第二步:把蛋用锅铲翻一个面(一定要等第一面熟了以后哦!),又在另一面洒盐(一旦发现膨胀起来,用锅铲压一压即可.);等蛋清煎黄就可出锅.(在煎的过程中,我被炸到了鼻子,但是还一直在坚持煎)尝着自己做的蛋,觉得好吃极了,还有一个很大的优点,我没发现被妈妈发现了,就是我煎的蛋黄都熟透了但是没有糊,妈妈还直夸我第一次煎蛋就煎得那么好呢! 7月27日 晴 我当妈妈 昨天我和妈妈商量好了,让我尝试着当一回妈妈.早上,我正等着妈妈起床给我做早饭吃(因为我忘记了当妈妈的事.)
没想到妈妈一起来就说:“妈妈,我肚子饿了!” 我这才想起那个约定,我就去做早餐,早餐有:一人一个馒头夹火腿(“儿子”提出做火腿夹心,我就把它做成了馒头夹火腿),早餐饼干一筒,一钵子稀饭,还有一人一杯雪碧.早餐很丰盛,我们俩人吃得津津有味,“儿子”直夸我做的早餐好吃,还说你这个“妈妈”还挺有创意的嘛.我也想以后要少惹妈妈生气了,以后如果天天像这样照顾妈妈的话,她一定会很开心,我们也一定会越来越融洽的.



I watched television late last night so I woke up late.My mother asked me to go to the market to buy some eggs for her.When I played with a little dog on the street,I dropped the eggs on the ground.They were all broken.My mother was very angry with me when I went home.I am very unhappy today.
I woke up early this morning.I went out to play with my neighbor.We watched cartoon at his home.After I went home about 4 O"clock in the afternoon,I helped my mother to do some house work.She is very happy so I am happy too.
I am sick today.When I woke up in the morning,I didn"t feel well.My mother took me to the doctor and the doctor gave me a shot.It was very painful.Since I didn"t feel well,I went to bed real early.
I felt better today.Since I was sick yesterday,my mother didn"t let me go out to play.I had to stay home and watch television.There was a good movie on the television in the afternoon.It"s about a dog.It was so much fun and I enjoyed it very much.
I am much better this morning.I am very happy.My cousin came to see me.We played computer games together for a long time.My parents took us to have dinner in the restaurant.I like the food very much.
My mother told me that I have to do some home work at home.I did two hours of home work and getting tired.I went to bed to take a nap.When I woke up,it was in the evening.My father and I watched television to-gether for an hour.Then I went to bed.

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